The University of Arizona

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The University of Arizona is one of the nation's top research institutions with a three-fold mission of teaching, research, and public service. Veterinary science and microbiology undergraduates are encouraged to actively participate in this mission by working with faculty on original research and scholarly projects. Participation in UA faculty research gives undergraduates a chance to meet and work with people that are experts in their field, while earning credits, money, or accolades volunteering their time. Students can see how scientists pursue their profession, what they are like as people, and what it feels like to conduct scholarly work on a daily basis. Research directors and laboratory personnel can also offer information on job opportunities, different graduate programs, and various professional schools, while exposure to research may help students make important educational and career decisions.

The Microbiology Honors Program website features a list of faculty members from several departments that represent a wide range of research endeavors. Keep in mind that it is not a complete list of all the research opportunities that are available at the university. It is recommended that interested students contact three to five faculty members whose research areas are of interest and make an appointment to discuss the research projects that they may have available. The level of previous laboratory experience required varies depending on the needs of the faculty member.  Our advisors can also help students find an area that best suits their own curiosity.  More information and suggestions on undergraduate research at the University of Arizona can be found here.

The following are a list of some of the research programs offered through the University of Arizona:

  1. BRAVO (Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open!):
  2. EXROP (Exceptional Research Opportunity):
  3. MARC (Minorities Access to Research Careers):
  4. MHDSR (Minority Health Disparities Summer Research Program):
  5. UBRP (Undergraduate Biology Research Program):